But the word Botox is the trade name of Botulinum Toxin is the first brand that is known and widely used in many countries around the world. These substances are present origin born in Korea, which has sold out in many different brands. Most people would call that a simple short Botox.
Botox” is a way to heal without surgery. Can reduce wrinkles and furrows within a short time. Therefore, as an alternative to the commonly used to treat patients and reduce deep wrinkles. Because effective in reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Botox is injected under the skin or in the muscle. Face and about the extent to help relax muscles spot. You can reduce unwanted wrinkles on the face, too. We continue to talk Regular expressions It also helps in the face, or the face. Today, an oval or V-shape, making it look pretty face exactly a trend, and injections of Botox to look pretty slim V-shape to lift my face Nth increase. Botox also helps correct sagging face look more youthful after treatment. Trenches and the sagging slowly from smooth. It also helps prevent new wrinkles. For a Botox treatment to match the main cause. You have to choose the doctor and have Botox injections in moderation. Doctors can inject Botox or with collagen to do the laser treatments to rejuvenate the skin for better results and faster than normal. The doctor will analyze the characteristics of the patient himself. That was my concern for those who want to inject as much to me. For young girls, the beauty. Taking care of yourself with Botox injections cause satisfaction and repeat injections of the period prescribed.

Botox injections for those who do.
For Botox injections. Currently, the most popular way to inject an average age of 21-75 years, and the main feature of this substance is intended to reduce wrinkles. Do not get rid of that injection only adults only. In some cases, an injection under the age of 21 years, most of the people who play outdoor sports, excessive wrinkles before they reach adulthood. Turn your face to look like or V-Shape modernize without surgery or surgery to the jaw. You can inject Botox to reduce wrinkles.
For those aged over 60 years old. Wrinkles that occur with age. Skin flabby with age Not caused by muscle contraction. Botox injections can reduce wrinkles much. More should be done concurrently with it and see a doctor for treatment. Botox injections may help in the last pages look better and should be a person who does not drink or smoke. Because these behaviors would decrease the effectiveness of Botox. The result may not look as good as they should be.

During the injection to see the results.
About 4 days, depending on the individual’s skin condition. Some may take one week, but some may take one month, the number of people not satisfied with the results and repeat injections on time, doctors noted. You can help take care of the aging and rejuvenation are constantly and naturally.

The work of Botox.
There are two main steps.
1. inhibit communication between nerve cells and muscles.
2. communication between nerves and muscles to normal in less than five months, depending on the health care of the individual.

Advantages of Botox
1. There is no pain from the surgery because the knife in any way.
2. No recovery After the injection you can come and go as usual.
3. dissolves itself after injection within 4-5 months.
4. Do not harm the body

Side effect
1. There may be a red blotch on the injection site.
2. Symptoms may include pain at the injection point.

Botox is dangerous or not.
Botox is not as scary as many people think. Because the medical Botox is a therapeutic vaccine, which is produced by certain bacteria. And extract only the well. Can be used in medicine, without any harm. Worthy enough to receive the benefits because it is a simple procedure that clearly the changes caused by the injection of Botox will gradually occur naturally. Still faces traditional The wrinkles will diminish wrinkles disappear. Wrinkles around the eyes At present, the wrinkled forehead Botox injection in the beauty, medical, popular top.
The results of the treatment depends on the individual’s age and after being made.

*** (Result of treatment depends on the individual’s skin condition) ***
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